The Genki Centre opened in 2009 with practitioners well trained and experienced in practicing the older styles of East Asian medicine such as those traditions of acupuncture maintained and developed in Japan. The Genki Centre has since grown to include other practitioners of meridian based therapies and other modalities. We also host regular classes and workshops to expand the resources available to our clients.

As a respectful, responsive healing centre with a truly wholistic approach and an inherent understanding of the interconnectedness that underpins our health, we aim to partner you in your well being with modalities including acupuncture, Toyohari Japanese acupuncture, shiatsu, Chinese herbal medicine, mind body counselling and psychotherapy.

At The Genki Centre we foster good relationships within our professional networks, maintain an environment of creativity that supports an enjoyable context to health management and we abide by our professional standards and code of ethics. Health fund rebates available.

The Genki Centre has a Covid-19 Safety Plan in place.