Moena Solomon

Emotional Wellness Coach
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Moena is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner who specialises in emotional wellness & deep trauma release.  Over the past few years Moena has had the honour of facilitating many clients in transforming their lives. Each with their own unique stories and challenges, as were their healing journeys.
What is BodyTalk?
BodyTalk is what happens when you combine ancient wisdom & modern science. It is a consciousness based healthcare modality based on: Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Epigenetics & Traditional Chinese Medicine. BodyTalk is both subtle yet profound. It is about understanding the psychology of your body and how it affects your health on all levels.
BodyTalk is an individualised approach to physical & emotional wellness.Your current state of health is based on your genetic makeup, hereditary factors, past experiences, suppressed emotions, unresolved trauma, environmental influences, belief systems and more which are all taken into account during your BodyTalk session.
Whether it’s improving your physical health. overcoming past trauma, understanding your emotions or simply just to feel better, Moena would be honoured to support you in this journey.